The benefits of ICRI membership have almost limitless potential, based on how much you take advantage of your access to them. The greatest rewards you reap as an ICRI member match
the effort you put forth in the organization and grow exponentially from there.

The following attachment explains some of the benefits you will receive as an ICRI member.

But here are a few!


ICRI members are recognized around the world as companies and individuals that provide the utmost quality in their products and services. It is this recognition that leads prospective customers to you through ICRI services such as our annual Membership Directory "Who's Who in Concrete Repair."

ICRI members are very proud of the organization they represent and know their membership brings with it a special camaraderie with the colleagues and high level of responsibility to serve the industry.


The greatest value to any professional organization is the opportunity to meet others in your
industry. The people you meet and build relationships with will be the ones you
can call upon when in need and will be the ones who may recommend you as a
contact for a potential job.

The more involved you are with ICRI member activities, the more likely you are to be called upon by other members for guidance. It is this recognition that will propel you and your company to the forefront of the concrete repair industry.